Pacer - Copper Tongue Scraper

Pacer - Copper Tongue Scraper

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Meet Pacer.  A straight-from-nature hero with a legacy of cleaning power.

Your tongue is the number one culprit behind bad bacteria.  But never fear, because in one super-powered swipe, the Pacer copper tongue cleaner clears away lingering food particles, eliminating harmful toxins.  Copper tongue cleaning also fosters the important enzymes that contribute positively to your oral and digestive wellbeing, in addition to boosting your sense of taste. 

  • Sustainable copper naturally eliminates bacteria.
  • Inherently boosts sense of taste and improves gut health.
  • Comfortable grip for easy swipe-offs and no slip-ups.
  • Use 2x a day or nightly.  Simply scrape forward once.

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