Our Family Calendar

Our Family Calendar

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One product to organize the entire family while also checking in on everyone! Who has ballet this week? Is tutoring this week or next? When is that birthday party again?!

We've all been there. If you're like us, events in your phone's calendar are great, but don't come with nearly enough warning or kiddo involvement. With our new innovative calendar, not only can your child(ren) help you organize the upcoming month but they are also responsible for changing the weather, dress and "today I feel" tiles daily.

Hello accountability! We wanted to design a product that allows parents to check-in with their little one's emotions and open up the door to bigger conversations, if need be. "I see that you used the 'worried' tile today, what's on your mind?"

Made of vegan leather and beech wood tiles.


* Years 2023-2027

* 7 weather tiles

* 4 dress tiles

* 15 feeling tiles

* 13 holiday tiles

* 19 extra curricular

* 5 dry erase 

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